Torben Hove Larsen

Torben Hove Larsen, a Danish design engineer with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, graduated from Aalborg University.

“I have always been fascinated with the aesthetics of art and design. Throughout my education and work, this fascination has been combined with an interest in materials and fine mechanical constructions.

During my career, this has led to a preference towards creating solutions with constructions and materials that invite the user to interact with the products.”

His initial professional international experience, the first ‘nav’ journey, was through an internship at a design consultancy in Tel-Aviv.

“This gave new creative inputs and taught me to look for alternative directions in my work, besides being an enriching cultural experience.”

After working in various areas of the Danish design industry, Torben Hove Larsen decided to pursue a second ‘nav’ experience in 2016. This time to explore the Asian product development industry and the international design culture in Shanghai, with NAV Scandinavia.


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