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On this page you will find links to our newest press releases, media coverage, photos in high resolution as well as contact information for press quotes or other press information. 

About NAV Scandinavia
NAV Scandinavia is a Danish founded design company with the philosophy 'World inspired - Home founded'. Our passion is to create contemporary home and living designs. We go abroad to live, work and be inspired: impressions create expressions in a simple, aesthetic, functional style – rooted in our Scandinavian design history and cultural heritage. Read more about us here.



Press contacts
For press quotes or more information about designs and NAV Scandinavia, please contact:

General Manager and designer, Torben Kragh Jørgensen,

For press information or sign up for the press list, please contact:

Press consultant, Stina Askholm Hansen,

Press releases
Please find all of our press releases here.

Press photos
For press photos in high resolution as well as press videos (all for free use), please go to our image bank here.

Media coverage
We have gathered the media coverage of NAV Scandinavia and our designs here.