Frank Augustesen

Frank Augustesen, a Danish interior designer with a BA and MA from Denmark´s School of Design.  

An accomplished interior architect and designer with more than 20 years’ experience in retail design, concept development and 3D visualisation, Frank has designed and developed boutiques and flagship stores for some of Denmark’s most prominent fashion houses and pharmacy chains across the country and Europe.

As NAV Scandinavia’s first designer in residence, Frank has developed designs for exclusive NAV Scandinavia products. He visits our Shanghai studio to work with the NAV Scandinavia design team during the process of developing these new designs.

“In my work, I try to create designs which fulfil a function, but also possess a twist or element of extra functionality. Through my Danish design background, I am also inspired to design with simplicity and ‘lightness’.”

“I find it fascinating to be working with this new design house. The international mindset of the NAV Scandinavia design studio in Shanghai is indeed quite motivating and broadens one’s outlook and the possibilities of world-inspired design.”


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