Carsten Scheutzow

Carsten Scheutzow, a German designer, graduated from University Werkkunstschule Lübeck, Germany.

“Good design, from my point of view, is the combination of beauty and art with function. This idea should appear in all aspects of a product during its lifetime, from production to sustainability.”

From the beginning of his studies, under the teaching methods of the Bauhaus, Carsten’s “nav” journey has seen his travels for education and work take him from north to south and from west to east. He has lived and worked across Germany and broader Europe, Hong Kong and now China where he is based at the NAV Scandinavia design studio in Shanghai.

Carsten believes creativity should take a designer off the “upgraded road” to look for new ways to create simplicity from complexity. As part of the design team, he is continuing to combine tradition and present, art with manufacturing.

“Hundreds of years of different cultural knowledge around the globe inspires me to develop design concepts based on my own journeys. Learning from the past and combining it with the present to shape the future.”

“There is so much world to see and things to improve.”


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