About NAV Scandinavia


Our first product is an excellent example of our brand concept: to be inspired by the world, and interpret that impression into a Scandinavian expression. WORLD inspired – HOME founded.

A Danish designer is fascinated by the delicate balance point of an Indonesian toy; a piece of local craftsmanship in wood is transformed into an elegant design in steel, with incredible detail. WONDER Dragonfly is a delight in balance, elegance and lightness.



Our packaging is a reference to the NAV Scandinavia heritage – the ancient navs, Scandinavian journeymen. Just as they ventured along dusty paths under blue skies on their travels, our packaging is crafted from recycled earth-hued cardboard and paired with our iconic blue sleeve to reflect these wanderings abroad and our minimalistic spirit.

Every one of our eye-catching designs tells a story, and each package is artfully adorned with a detailed silhouette illustration of the product inside and finished with the product name and designer. To complete the experience, the interior of each box is lined with hand-packaged recycled cardboard, ensuring every object has its place.

Genuine, authentic, minimal, and environmentally mindful; True to the original nav philosophy.

Design to the last detail.